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In previous years,come October we have been increasingly drawn more towards a cuppa in the kitchen rather than the garden. It would be fair to say that whilst we weren’t fair weather gardeners, you could sense the lack of enthusiasm for getting outside for the clearance and maintenance.

This year however there’s a change in the air. Ok, with the dark evenings it isn’t really possible when returning from work in the evening. But at weekends we have continued to invest our energies in the garden, that will bring it’s rewards come spring, and we’ve eve…en had some welcome assistance from a little helper.

One of those jobs has been bulb planting, and not just in the borders but in pots on the patio too. Hopefully come spring we’ll have swathes of daffodils greeting us when we pull back the curtains and burst open the patio doors.

Daffodils, narcissus or yellow trumpets as they are sometimes known tend to be fairly long lived bulbs, so we are hopeful of a fine show for the next few springs.

We’ll see how our efforts are rewarded next spring, but for now, even though it’s a little premature, we’ll give ourselves a little pat on the back for not giving into the weather.

Our little garden helper!


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Johnny Cash

For me winter finally begins when it’s time to clean out the crops from the greenhouse. Ok, so we can continue to grow lettuce, microgreens and pea shoots but i’m talking about the end of tomato and chilli production, to my mind the ‘big shots’ of our unheated greenhouse.
What to do with last of these crops? Well the delights and versatility of using up remaining tomatoes are well known. Whether that’s pasta sauces, making green chutneys or simply by fully ripening on the windowsill.
Chillies deserve their own moment to shine and should be far from forgotten.
Of course you can always pickle them, then use with hot or cold meats and cheeses. But we’ve made a chilli jam, equally good with cold meats or cheese on toast, but also as a spicy sweet addition to gravy or stews.
We’ve also made a string of dried chillies that look good hung up in the kitchen, and can provide all year round chilli use.
Our variety, ‘ring of fire’ really packs a punch (a bit too much if i’m honest), and prompted us to get some more johnny cash on the playlist.

chillies 001 chillies 014 chilli

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Over the last 15 years, since the blogging phenomenon started, many blogs have come and gone. Indeed beanshoots and butterflies, our very own short lived attempt stopped for various reasons in 2010 . However since then, not only has our love of growing vegetables and gardening continued, but we have 2 more children (to add to our first) to enjoy and share the garden with. In order to capture these shared times, and to remember our gardening exploits, we have made new resolutions (a little bit before new year i grant you) to start blogging again. You can of course still see all of our previous posts, but these are soon to be joined by a wheelbarrow full of new posts sprinkled with gardening wisdom.

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