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Our Nursery

When someone says the word nursery then chances are they’ll be talking about one of two things, plants or children. For us this past couple of months it has meant both, because that’s how it’s felt, sowing, creating the right conditions and taking care of our young seedlings. Ok, so they don’t need a nappy change, and dont require milk on a regular basis, but they do need food and water, and tucking up warm at night at this time of year. To be honest we’ve done pretty well so far. We know there’s a long season of pests and weeds to come (including an illusive slimey intruder in the greenhouse), but it’s ok to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes, so that’s what we’re doing. Join us if you like, remember what you’ve done well this past month………and give yourself a pat on the back!


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Meet the Beet

Potatoes apart, this weekend has seen us start our first outdoor sowings. Some ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves have gone in, as have some rows of spinach and chard, and an early season star………..beetroot. Once we got our heads around the fact that beetroot isn’t just for pickling and boiling the life out of, it has been one of the vegetables we’ve looked forward to growing the most. Versatile enough to cook in many different ways, we love making a big pot of Borsht, but the leaves shouldn’t be ignored, and are a welcome addition to the salad plate. The bonus of getting beetroot in early, is that you should be able to harvest, and follow it up with some different crops in the same space. We should be meeting our beet sometime in July.

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On Easter Sunday we finally said goodbye to Charlotte and Edward. We were quite glad to say goodbye. To be honest they were outstaying their welcome, even if they were only staying in the colder than cool utility room near the back door. Well, they had been with us for over a month.  For Charlotte and King Edward are our early and maincrop potatoes, and if we were to leave it much later, we might have the dreaded blight running a mock over our crops come August/September. Traditionally it’s Good Friday that the veg grower puts in their early spuds, but one look at the weather was enough to convince us to hold off for a couple of days. A nice trench about 5 in deep and a sprinkling of chicken manure and that was about that. Sit back and wait for the growth to appear, then earth up around the plant as you go. It seems watering isn’t an exact science, but we’ll go for the once a week dousing and times that by two in hot weather and when the flowers appear. We’ll meet up again in September when the flowers have gone over. So it’s not so much ‘goodbye’ to Charlotte and Edward, more ‘Au Revoir’.

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