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Raindrops and Snowdrops

The weather has put pay to any significant stint in the garden, but that hasn’t stopped us looking longingly in the borders for any signs of life. The snowdrops, along with some daffodil shoots, have given us the first signs that spring might be on it’s way. Roses have been pruned and a general tidy of the shrubs (a job left over from last autumn) has been the extent of it, which of course has given us plenty of time by the fire (once Lilly and Eve are safely tucked up), to deliberate over vegetable seed catalogues. On the whole we have played it safe, prefering to go for tried and tested favourites with the odd new variety thrown in. Here are just a few of the varieties we’ll be growing this year.

Potatoes – Charlotte and King Edward/Beetroot – Boltardy and Golden Detroit/Kale – Nero di Toscana Precoce/Leek – Musselburgh/Chard – Bright Lights/Tomatoes – Moneymaker and Tumbling Tom/Broad Beans – Sutton/Pumpkin – Hundredweight

Some of the seed companies we have used are Suttons, Tamar organics and Seeds of Italy.


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People in Glass Houses

I gather that the ‘people in glass houses’  phrase is a reminder to us all about how we treat each other, and that we are all vulnerable in different ways. Standing in our sparkling new greenhouse i sense an excited vulnerability…….the beginning of the growing season is almost upon us, which brings with it greenhouse images of ripe,plump tomatoes, fiery red chillis and the odd cucumber or two. Not to mention Janes summer bedding flowers bursting with colour, ready to be slotted into each and every available garden space.The vulnerability of course comes with what the seasons might throw at us, and how we overcome the challenges that come with nature. We might still have to cope with all types of fly, but i’m hoping that the greenhouse might finally put pay to the blight that has plagued our tomato growing for the past couple of years.

For our greenhouse we have Jane to thank, for if it was left to the instructions and yours truly i fear we would have barely had a coldframe! There are one or two teething issues, but nothing that can’t be overcome with a little ingenuity, and a nice cup of tea!

It seems that Lilly already thinks the greenhouse is a playhouse, come to think of it…..she’s probably right!

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Pot Washing

It’s not that i’m a meticulous gardener who scrubs and cleans all manner of tools and implements at this time of year. Nor am I that organised that I have ever done  it before. The thing is I really wasn’t sure what else to do? The books told me it was too early to sow what seeds I had bought, and I figured the soil was either too wet or too cold (or both) for digging. So I washed last years strawberry pots, and then the sun came out and I wished I had experienced pot washing before.

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